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We take greater privilege in serving you hence we assure you sourcing even the rarest sizes of OTR tires. Our team will suggest you the right tire for the right application in various industries at a highly competitive price. We can supply all the OTR tires for Dump trucks, Loaders, Dozers, Container handlers and Scrapers

 Though sizes like 1800R33, 2400R35, 35/65R33 & 2700R49 are our staple sizes, we can supply all earthmover tires from 25″ to 63″ for all types of mining including underground mining tires. We take pride in providing good supply of hard to source sizes in the earthmover and loader segments like 4000R57, 3700R57, 46/90R57, 53/80R63, 59/80R63, 45/65R45, 50/80R57, 50/90R57, 60/80R57, 53.5/85×57, 58/85×57, 70/70X57 etc

KeepMining® is one of the leading Multibranded OTR tire dealers in the world dealing with new, used and retreaded ultra large sized OTR tires and Original equipment for Mining, Industrial, Agricultural and other purposes, supplying across all the continents from Australia to the Americas always valuing our customer’s interests with 24/7 support from our team of professionals. Our Decade of experience in this industry helps us assist our customers in making the right buying decision.

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