Journey of the founders

  • mining equipment australia


    Ventured into Off the Road tyres spot market sales

  • 2008- 10

    10 Formative years, waded through the recession storm and established as a reliable tyre dealer with perseverance and strong work ethics travelling to the U.S., Middle East and South East Asia and China.

  • Aug, 2011

    From being a sole proprietorship firm, we formed a structured organisation CB Mining Supply Pte Ltd in Singapore

  • Dec, 2011

    Operational necessity made us officially set foot in the U.S.A.

  • 2012

    Several loads of tyres were shipped across the globe mainly to Australia, North America and Latin America!! Business was booming and our name was being established in the mining industry.

  • 2013

    Australia, one of our major customers went down economically, largely attributed to their political climate, reduced our business by 90% however due to sheer perseverance and hard work, we were able to sustain.

  • 2014-15

    The quest for alternate markets, competition and demand from buyers, had our management think of new strategies and extend credit terms to get new customers, with proper due diligence and risk mitigation methodologies in place.

  • 2016-18

    Consistent business, larger contracts, better network of suppliers, elevated us from traders to stockists with our own inventory of strategically acquired stocks and regular customer base. Our warehouse in Colorado, complemented with stocks located in other vantage locations in the North America, Asia and Australia have made us a strong player in the market for ‘hard to source’ ultra large earthmover tires.

  • mining equipment canada


    To cope with the ever increasing demand, evolved into a bigger corporation as CBMM Supply Services and Solutions Pte. Ltd. and marked the inception of the brand ‘Keepmining’

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