Pro Air



Pro Air Classifier has excellent capability to handle different materials especially sand and other raw materials. With the help of air combined with gravitational, inertial, centrifugal and aerodynamic forces, Propel machines perfectly remove unwanted materials from sand.

Air Classifiers are confined air seal machines with less wear and tear during impacts. Fortified with smooth drive and unbreakable sturdy lining, our Air Classifiers produce significantly high return-on-investment for you. Being the best choice for small particle separation, Propel Air classifiers efficiently produce top quality sand for all applications such as plastering and concrete manufacturing.


Parameters / Model AVAC100 AVAC150
POWER (kW) 30 45
MAX. FEED SIZE (mm/inch) 6 / 0.25 6 / 0.25
AIR FLOW (CFM) 200 to 400 300 to 600
DIAMETER (mm) 3100 3800
FEED HEIGHT (mm) 7050 8000
WEIGHT (kg) 10500 13500

The maximum Feed size to these screens shall be 180 mm & the maximum aperture of media that can be installed is 75 mm. The above mentioned capacities are indicative and are dependent on feed gradation, Material density, moisture, presence of clay etc. The recommended feed size & capacity shall vary based on process and application. Please contact Propel for more information. It is important to have a System & Process that can provide consistent and graded feed to the screen in order to maximise the performance including Chute Designs, Feed & Discharge Conveyor selection. .*


  • Effectively remove finer particles (Without Water)
  • Provides best results in natural sand and crushed sands
  • Known for its efficiency and accurate cut points./li>
  • Fulfils specifications and standards.
  • Has stand-alone units to integrate with existing plants.
  • It’s all sand surfaces covered with wear liners.
  • Fully compliant with European health as well as safety specifications and provide easy access for operators and maintenance staff.


  • Swift installation and operation mechanism.
  • Minimum down time and maximum production.
  • Easy as well as safe access for operation and maintenance.
  • Easy and simple maintenance and maximizes the operating time of the plant.
  • Consumes less power, small operational foot print and require less maintenance cost