Propel Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) is an improved version of ‘Rock on Rock configuration,’ way ahead of all conventional types available in the market. The VSI is developed at Propel’s R&D department with various inputs available from aggregate producers..

Propel could be easily converted to handle anvil rings and rocks. This simplified Retro fit could be easily and swiftly installed on existing conventional model without major modification in the setup.

The high velocity impact crusher in Propel VSI enhances the shape of the Aggregate/Stone, reduces the product moisture, resulting in perfect shaped products at considerably less operating cost. Propel VSI is suitable for all type of materials, waste and recycling applications. This is achieved through unique combination of speed and crushing action.


PARAMETERS / MODEL AVVI – 75 AVVI – 100 AVVI- 150 AVVI – 200 AVVI – 250 AVVI – 300 AVVI – 500
MAX RECOMMENDED 35 35 45 45 45 55 55
FEED SIZE (mm) Inch 1.38 1.38 1.77 1.77 1.77 2.17 2.17
ROTOR SPEED (m/s) 45-70 45-70 45-70 45-70 45-70 45-75 45-75
50-110 75-140 120-220 180-320 210-370 250-470 300-500
MOTOR CAPACITY (kw)(HP)) 75 132 187 220 2 x 132 2 x 187 2 x 220
100 180 250 300 2 x 180 2 x 250 2 x 300
WEIGHT (kg) 4600 6600 8700 9250 11500 14800 15800

The above mentioned capacities are instantaneous crusher throughput and are dependent on feed gradation, Material Hardness, Material density, wear parts selection and environmental conditions like moisture, presence of % dirt/clay/metal etc. It is important to have a System & Process that can provide consistent and graded “Choke” feed to the crusher in order to maximise the performance including Feeder selection, Hopper design, Chute Designs, Feed & Discharge Conveyor selection proper blasting practices etc.*


  • Specially built steel structure for smooth operation.
  • High production and crushing ratio.
  • Hydraulic feed control In-built device.
  • Automatic lubricated system (Optional).
  • High productivity with excellent cubical shape (as per MORTH).
  • An improved version of ‘Rock on Rock’ configuration, a way ahead of all conventional types available in the market.
  • Simple inter-changeable cartridge type Rock Box for ‘Rock-on-rock’ applications.
  • Parallel flow system provides increased capacity and less micro fines content.
  • The influence of material moisture content can reach up to 8 percent.
  • The fine particles are easily controlled by changing the Rotor speed.
  • Rotor finished with special carbide tips to enhance wear resistance.
  • Rock-on-rock technology minimizes wear part requirements.
  • Crushers require minimum support structure and are also ideal as portables and mobiles.
  • Ability to control product grading, maximizing or minimizing fines production.
  • Produces a product of superior cubical shape.
  • Superior mineral liberation and increased recovery rates.
  • Preferential crushing action.
  • More tolerant than conventional crushers to difficult feed conditions.
  • Quick balance rotor which is easy to use and service.
  • Simple, reliable grease lubrication.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Unmatched operation cost.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low service and maintenance requirements along with minimum operating and wear costs.
  • Considerable cost savings, durability and unmatched performance in the production of quality aggregates and sand.